I’m Joining Another Mother Runner’s June Challenge

This has been rough week, both physically with my runs and with some tough stuff happening at work. I won’t go into the work issues other than to say that some of our employees damaged a few large pieces of equipment. Ouch!

This morning I had planned to do the week five, day 1 training run on the 10K plan on the Deltaworks Pro Run Training. The plan was to do nine intervals of 3 min. run/1 min. walk after the 5 minute warm up. Immediately during my first run I noticed that my right quad was really tight. I’m not sure whether it was from the sprints I did earlier this week or because I was running on the treadmill. I definitely prefer running outside but it’s really windy here today (20 mph with 30-40 mph gusts) & it just wasn’t appealing to run outside in that. So after practically limping my way through the first two run cycles I decided to try something else. I started walking & thought I would walk for 1/2 hr or so. Then I realized that I really wanted some type of running workout. So I improvised & did 8 minute sprint intervals with 1 minute of walking in between each interval. And I’m happy with that. No, it wasn’t what I really wanted to do but it was better than just giving up and ending my workout right then.

I had a really difficult time staying motivated this week. Probably due to laziness and the weather. I can come up with a lot of other excuses too. Instead, I’m going to join Another Mother Runner’s June Running Challenge.

This seems like a great way to stay motivated. I recently bought Train Like a Mother so I’m going to try one of the training plans in there. It’s always fun & interesting to change things up a bit. Anyone else up for the challenge?


Healthy You Challenge

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I joined the Health You Challenge (HYC)! Scale Junkie developed the challenge to encourage  people to become healthier. According to her website, the purpose of the challenge is to “encourage and celebrate”:

  • pounds lost
  • Exercise – according to your limitations and doctors recommendations
  • Stay on YOUR healthy eating plan
  • Non Scale Victories
  • Goal setting
  • Rewarding yourself
  • Challenging yourself
  • Supporting other bloggers with similar goals, even if they aren’t a part of the challenge
  • Asking for help when you feel discouraged

I just love that! The hardest part of losing weight is to stay positive and motivated. This challenge will provide me with a method of supporting others who are experiencing the same setbacks and success that I am experiencing. And hopefully, it will provide me the support I need to meet my goals. The weekly check-in will provide me with a way to stay on track with my goals.

Cheers to the HYC and all of the participants! If you get a chance, visit the participating blogs of the HYC and give them some support.