For the first 30 years of my life, I was always the skinny girl. And then I had my second child. My metabolism slowed down with age. I became even less active physically. My husband and I bought a business together. Then he started another business. As the stress piled on in my life, I turned to eating as my stress reliever. I gained 30 pounds in 10 years.

I’ve never been very athletic. I swam competitively during the summer growing up and dabbled in gymnastics until the other girls got serious and I could no longer compete.

Earlier this year, I finally decided that enough is enough. I need to take control over my life and change my horrible habits. I’m dedicating myself to a healthier lifestyle. I pledge to weight train 2-3 times a week, eat healthier, become a runner and enjoy life! I want to be a good role model for my daughter and teach her to have a healthy strong body with a great self image. To do that, I’ll have to improve my own self image and beat the negative self talk. I know it’ll be difficult but I know I can do it!


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