Today’s 4 mi. Run/Walk

…or how I died today. Okay, okay, slight  major exaggeration. I tried week 3, run 1 in the Prevention Magazine Turn Your Walk into a Run Program. I won’t lie. It was sooo hard. I had originally planned to do 4.5 miles and really did closer to 4.1 miles. I am proud of myself for completing that mileage. That being said, the run/walk today was supposed to be run 5 min./walk 3 min. I was able to do the first two intervals but the next few intervals weren’t successful. My breathing was all out of whack and my right calf was sore. So I altered my plan to 3 min. run/2 min. walk. That was much easier for me. I ran the last five minutes before my cool down.

As I was running I had the hardest time picturing myself running a whole 5k. I kept telling myself I could do it. I know that I will eventually realize my goal of running a 5k race. I can do it. I just need to keep training and keep a positive attitude.

 My next run/walk is Tuesday. I’m planning to redo the week 3, run 1. Tomorrow I’m going to walk at least 2 miles for cross-training. Monday is also a strength training day with my personal trainer.


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