I did it! I completed the run/walk… 3.2 miles in 38:39! Yippy! I felt great for completing it! That run is the third run for week 2 in the Prevention Magazine Turn Your Walk into a Run Program. Sunday I plan to start week three which is Run 5 minutes/walk 3 minutes six times. I’ve mapped my run for 4.5 miles. I’m hoping to improve my pace a little but frankly, at this point, if I can finish then I’ll be a happy camper!

My trainer called to tell me that she can’t make it to the gym today for my training because she’s sick. Bummer. So instead of heading to the gym by myself, I’m going to do a bike ride in my neighborhood. If it’s too hot, then plan B is to ride my stationary bike. Today was leg day so if I do some intervals I should be able to get a decent leg workout.


Look at that delicious plate! Lunch was a wrap with chicken, spinach, avocado, and salsa. Yummy! I’ve been totally craving vegetables the past few days. I baked an acorn squash last night with a little brown sugar for dinner. Loved it!

I’m looking for great salad recipes so if you have any, please post them in the comments. Thanks for sharing with me.


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