I’m a newbie runner!

I’ve been flirting with the idea of signing up for my first 5k race, the Pumpkin Pacer. I decided today that I’m sending in my race registration tomorrow.

Let me just start by saying, I can’t run 5 km. But after reading so many inspiring blogs, like Oh She Glows, I am determined to become a runner. I’ve been starting and restarting the Prevention Magazine Turn Your Walk into a Run Program. I haven’t been able to get myself committed to a routine. So today I challenge myself to just do it!

So, I’m starting by calling myself a runner. By doing that, I become a runner.


4 thoughts on “I’m a newbie runner!

  1. Oh my gosh ME TOO!!!! I am not a runner either but I too am toying with the idea of doing a 5k run. I haven’t quite gotten to the point of sending in a registration form but I am trying to build up my stamina on the running. How exciting! My problem is my breathing, I really need to learn to get that right.
    Fitness magazine had a great little write up on how to start out slowly and working up to running. I’m trying to get myself into a routine to do it.

  2. I just started running 6 months ago, and already have far surpassed my own goals. You will love it – just keep going! The joy you will feel when you finish your first run will bring tears to your eyes.

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